Monday, February 21, 2011

Goldman Jewelry

A small, family run, jewelry manufacturer since being founded by Joseph Goldman in 1919; Goldman Kolber, Inc. has today become an industry leader by breaking new ground in the design and function of fine jewelry.

Started in a small factory in New Jersey, and then moved to midtown Manhattan in the early twenties, Joe Goldman specialized in manufacturing Antique Reproductions for many decades. Selling primarily to high-end jewelry chains and wholesalers until the sixties, Goldman Kolber has always been the name behind the scenes within its jewelry niche.

Transition to the second generation came in the sixties when Herb Steinhauer and his wife Louise (Herb being the nephew of and long-time salesperson for, Joe Goldman) took ownership of the company. The company continued its tradition of high quality manufacturing with its core products remaining the same, but distribution grew and shifted directly to the independently owned fine jewelry stores. During this time, Goldman Kolber solidified its position as the national market leader in diamond antique reproductions.

In 1986, Herb and Louise`s youngest son, David, moved the company out of NewYork City and began building a new factory in Norwood, Massachusetts. Joined by his soon-to-be wife Susan from the start, the two began the process of pointing the company to the future.

The first new product line introduced by David and Susan came in 1990, when Goldman Kolber joined the ranks of slide bracelet producers. Already known for antique styled jewelry, they brought a new blended look of old world styling with modern day elegance to the category of slide bracelets. Within a short time, the effort and dedication given to manufacturing became evident, and the industry widely acknowledged the company for producing the finest product of its kind in the country.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dora Jewelry

Superior Craftsmanship

DORA creates luxury wedding rings and in doing so sets an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of superior rings. Long after the flowers have wilted and the memories of your special day have faded your DORA ring will remain as beautiful and magical as the day of your wedding.

Innovative Designs

With the ever increasing volume of copies and cheap reproductions available at jewellery stores, DORA stands alone as a manufacturer breaking new ground in design, materials, finishes and value, while never compromising on quality and service.DORA specialises in blends using various combinations of gold, platinum, palladium and titanium and continues to push the boundaries with innovative finishes. 

Uncompromising Quality

There are few things you purchase that you intend should last forever, your wedding ring is one of those things. At DORA we understand the importance of uncompromising quality, it`s why we can offer a life time warranty on any manufacturing defect. Almost every ring comes with a comfort fit and all white gold rings are rhodium plated (unless requested not to be). 

Outstanding Service

Each DORA ring is made with a combination of artisanship and technology and each is handmade for you in our European factory and delivered within 3 weeks. DORA is the only ring manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand to offer a free ring replacement should you gain or lose weight and your ring no longer fits you (see DORA replacement policy; conditions apply). This will save you money for expensive alterations and also give you eace of mind.

Exceptional Value

DORA makes no claim to be the cheapest ring available, we will leave that to others. What DORA does offer is the best value in the market for a ring of outstanding quality that has a life time warranty and a free exchange policy (conditions apply). Each ring comes with a personalised warranty card and a ring pouch specially designed to accommodate two wedding rings on the wedding day and then to be used as credit card holder in the future. It`s the little things that count!

Superb Diamonds

Every diamond supplied with a DORA ring from our factory is hand picked to suit your ring and in the case of multi diamond rings, to match each other in quality, cut and colour. Whether the cut of the diamonds in your ring are Brilliant, Princess or Baguette cut, all diamonds used by DORA are G colour and VS clarity.

Camelot Jewelry

The Camelot signature stamped inside your ring is your guarantee of quality and value. Because we know the care, service and quality you expect, all Camelot rings are backed by a written Lifetime Warranty. Camelot rings are distributed through authorized fine jewelry stores nationwide.
Our rings are designed and made in the USA to critical quality standards. Your Camelot ring is warranted against any imperfection in design or workmanship. Our written warranty also assures you of metal content as well as carat weight of the diamonds. All Camelot diamond rings contain stones graded according to the strictest GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards.
Most Camelot rings are die struck. This difficult manufacturing process is a lost art at most jewelry companies. But not at Camelot. Die striking produces a design with crisp depth and durability. The design is stamped onto the metal under several tons of pressure creating a harder gleaming ring that will retain its beauty for a lifetime. Die struck prongs on your ring provides for the strongest prongs available.
Most Camelot two-tone rings are multi-piece rings and not one-piece rings that are plated to create a two-tone appearance. At Camelot multiple pieces of different colored gold or platinum are assembled and then fused together making them one ring that will retain their two-tone appearance for a lifetime.

Most Camelot rings are Comfort Feel®. Camelot creates rings that not only look beautiful on the outside but also feel beautiful on your finger. The "inside rounding" of the metal produces less metal touching the finger and ring that is truly comfortable to wear.

Camelot uses only "fresh" gold unlike other companies. This helps create a ring that polishes brighter, holds a diamond more securely and never appears dull. All Camelot rings are hand finished in our factory here in the USA. Camelot offers rings in 14kt, 18kt, 24kt, 18k & Platinum, and Platinum.

Camelot rings are your symbol of eternal love and commitment to each other. Take your time and explore the choices that are available to you.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Benchmark Jewelry

The Benchmark Difference

You have plenty of options when you`re searching for wedding bands, so why Benchmark? We created Benchmark more than 40 years ago with one goal in mind: to become wedding ring specialists. Every thing we do, every decision we make is based on our desire to provide the highest quality product with outstanding customer service.

The Right Fit

A Benchmark band is engineered for comfort. We were the first to introduce the "Comfort Fit" design to the United States. The design allows for a better fit since the inside of the ring is curved so that it doesn`t cut into your finger during wear. We still apply that same commitment to innovation and customer care to everything we do today.

The Perfection of Precision Setting

Benchmark is one of the few manufacturers to master the technology behind precision-setting. Our process allows as much of the diamond`s surface to be displayed while also providing superior security for the stones. Hand-set diamonds are often inconsistently secured and have an uneven surface. Benchmark bands are engineered for perfection. Our customers have come to expect the best, and we take pride in delivering it every day.


Artcarved Jewelry Collection

For over 150 years, people have turned to ArtCarved to help celebrate and remember the most important moments of their lives. Founded in New York in 1850, ArtCarved began as a manufacturer of high-quality, uniquely styled wedding bands and engagement rings. In 1920, we began offering class rings with the same exceptional quality and style. And in 1996, we introduced our personalized fashion jewelry that celebrates family, pride and love.
Check out our selection and see for yourself why ArtCarved`s 150-year legacy of quality, craftsmanship and style is the only choice for celebrating the most important moments of your life.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Artcarved 14Kt white gold Courtland men's wedding band

Artcarved 14Kt white gold Courtland men's wedding band 8mm comfort fit engraved wedding band
Retail Price: $860
Our Price: $688
You Save: 20%
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Artcarved 14Kt White Gold Mens Opulence Ring 7mm

Artcarved 14Kt White Gold Mens Opulence Ring 7mm comfort fit wedding band with rope and milgrain detail
Retail Price: $580
Our Price: $464
You Save: 20%
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artcarved Tungsten Carbide GRECIAN Mens Ring

Artcarved 6mm Tungsten Carbide comfort fit wedding band with lasered Celtic design
Retail Price: $315
Our Price: $252
You Save: 20%
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Artcarved Courtland men's wedding band

Artcarved 14Kt white gold Courtland men's wedding band 8mm comfort fit engraved wedding band
Retail Price: $860
Our Price: $688
You Save: 20%
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Diamond Earrings

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Diamond Pendants

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Designer Rings

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