Saturday, February 19, 2011

Camelot Jewelry

The Camelot signature stamped inside your ring is your guarantee of quality and value. Because we know the care, service and quality you expect, all Camelot rings are backed by a written Lifetime Warranty. Camelot rings are distributed through authorized fine jewelry stores nationwide.
Our rings are designed and made in the USA to critical quality standards. Your Camelot ring is warranted against any imperfection in design or workmanship. Our written warranty also assures you of metal content as well as carat weight of the diamonds. All Camelot diamond rings contain stones graded according to the strictest GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards.
Most Camelot rings are die struck. This difficult manufacturing process is a lost art at most jewelry companies. But not at Camelot. Die striking produces a design with crisp depth and durability. The design is stamped onto the metal under several tons of pressure creating a harder gleaming ring that will retain its beauty for a lifetime. Die struck prongs on your ring provides for the strongest prongs available.
Most Camelot two-tone rings are multi-piece rings and not one-piece rings that are plated to create a two-tone appearance. At Camelot multiple pieces of different colored gold or platinum are assembled and then fused together making them one ring that will retain their two-tone appearance for a lifetime.

Most Camelot rings are Comfort Feel®. Camelot creates rings that not only look beautiful on the outside but also feel beautiful on your finger. The "inside rounding" of the metal produces less metal touching the finger and ring that is truly comfortable to wear.

Camelot uses only "fresh" gold unlike other companies. This helps create a ring that polishes brighter, holds a diamond more securely and never appears dull. All Camelot rings are hand finished in our factory here in the USA. Camelot offers rings in 14kt, 18kt, 24kt, 18k & Platinum, and Platinum.

Camelot rings are your symbol of eternal love and commitment to each other. Take your time and explore the choices that are available to you.


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