Monday, February 21, 2011

Goldman Jewelry

A small, family run, jewelry manufacturer since being founded by Joseph Goldman in 1919; Goldman Kolber, Inc. has today become an industry leader by breaking new ground in the design and function of fine jewelry.

Started in a small factory in New Jersey, and then moved to midtown Manhattan in the early twenties, Joe Goldman specialized in manufacturing Antique Reproductions for many decades. Selling primarily to high-end jewelry chains and wholesalers until the sixties, Goldman Kolber has always been the name behind the scenes within its jewelry niche.

Transition to the second generation came in the sixties when Herb Steinhauer and his wife Louise (Herb being the nephew of and long-time salesperson for, Joe Goldman) took ownership of the company. The company continued its tradition of high quality manufacturing with its core products remaining the same, but distribution grew and shifted directly to the independently owned fine jewelry stores. During this time, Goldman Kolber solidified its position as the national market leader in diamond antique reproductions.

In 1986, Herb and Louise`s youngest son, David, moved the company out of NewYork City and began building a new factory in Norwood, Massachusetts. Joined by his soon-to-be wife Susan from the start, the two began the process of pointing the company to the future.

The first new product line introduced by David and Susan came in 1990, when Goldman Kolber joined the ranks of slide bracelet producers. Already known for antique styled jewelry, they brought a new blended look of old world styling with modern day elegance to the category of slide bracelets. Within a short time, the effort and dedication given to manufacturing became evident, and the industry widely acknowledged the company for producing the finest product of its kind in the country.

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